Soft pastel, paper 

Size 11.4'x16.5' inches

Original artwork created with inspiration by Artist Olga Aparina. 


There are moments when you drive through the city at night ...You cast a glance to the side and suddenly you see an amazing embankment burning with rainbow overflows and the distant lights of skyscrapers on the mountain ... And at this moment you think about how beautiful your big City is ...


The artwork will complement the interior of urban life lovers. It will suit both a minimalist interior and a loft or art deco style. It will serve as a bright and fashionable detail for a bar area, next to an armchair and a coffee table, in a living room, above a dresser or in a study. Can decorate the interior of the office, loft or restaurant. It will be an occasion for long evening conversations and small talk at a party.


After purchase and receipt of payment your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days. ​The artwork is shipped in package to keep flat and dry. Please, allow for standard shipping time for your location. The artwork is shipped from Russia.


Pastel artwork is very fragile and fine pastel dust can appear after shipping, just blow it away. The artwork need to be be framed under glass, adding a mat if desired.

Urban night life. City lights, skyscrapers and rainbow light. Pastel art