Fashionable artworks that make you dive in and meditate

Discover the winner of American Art Awards 2021!

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  • If You are lover of  urban landscape, urban night life, city lights, city streets, skyscrapers… Discover the Gallery and find the artwork that will inspire You!

  • My artworks are made with love for life and inspiration of game and movement, claims to reflect the the breath of life

  • Discover the gallery if You are ready to impress, to experience genuine feelings and at the same time to analyse and meditate

  • Watching the artworks will make You feel the unique and transiency of moment of life, atmosphere, weather, light, movement... And the infinity of life...

  • My artworks will become a point of attraction in the interior, a fashionable and bright detail, an occasion for long evening conversations and small talk at a party. Complement the interior in the loft, art deco, minimalism or eclectic style in the apartments, house, loft, office or restaurant.
    You can use them as personalized birthday gift, wedding gift, business gif

  • Each work is original, the plot and composition of each picture are created by the author from the real life and are not copied from third-party photographs or resources

About the author


Olga Aparina, a young artist from Moscow, wife and mother. American Art Awards Winner 2021. Competitor of Botanicals 2021, Watercolour art Magazine competitions

"My creative path goes from childhood itself. Drawing is my love and my dream. I studied art history traveling to Rome, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Munich, St. Petersburg and my hometown.

For my first education I'm a cardiologist and researcher. Thus, I feel with my heart and think with my brain!

I am inspired by the life around me, I find beauty in my usual favorite places and routine routes, walking with a stroller, rushing to the store, driving car ..."

"My life and creative credo is to keep my consciousness in the resource, freshness of perception and ability to inspire. Improve my technique, move forward, get new experience, not repeat myself.

I love contrasts: dark sky and light, movement and enveloping ether, fashionable, modern and timeless. I kindly invite you discover and find it my art works."

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